"Interiors speak! Rooms emphasize whether one exists or lives, and there is a great difference between the two!"

Van Day Truex


These are some of the comments from my valued clients that I have worked with for the last 20 years.
      "I have known Sara Hopkins for almost ten years. When I built my house nine years ago and we were first moving into the new construction space, Sara helped me with every phase of the design in every single room of the house. She has an outstanding knowledge of the planning and designing of a home. From selecting lighting, wall textures and color, flooring and carpet, window treatments and furniture and accessories, to making my existing furniture integrate beautifully with the new pieces, the decisions we made with Sara helped me to achieve an incredible result. We achieved a fabulous and comfortable home environment that, years later, still looks smashing. Also, Sara is a very easy person to work with, and she is reasonable and more than fair. She has a chic style that just makes me happy to be in the home."

Elizabeth Pasini
New Canaan, CT
     "To say that Sara and Jeffrey did a good job decorating our home would not be fair - because Sara and Jeffrey did more than interior design. Sara and Jeffrey are really psychologists, counselors, experts and guides who ultimately helped us transform an outdated house into a place we call home. Not a well polished house...but a home. Sara and Jeffrey took our views, asked us questions, and overlaid their talent to create a home that we love. Clearly they understand the tangibles like space, layout and structure but more importantly, Sara and Jeffrey help create the "intangibles" like warmth, interest and the feel of our home. We are indebted to Sara and Jeffrey, and our investment continues to pay dividends."

Daken & Taryn Vanderburg
Easton, CT
      "Sara Hopkins has been my interior decorator and has helped me decorate two homes, the most recent one was my 5,500 square ft. primary residence.  Through time, Sara has become more than a contractor of mine, but a friend.
      One thing that has always impressed me with Sara is her professionalism and integrity.  Although I know that I am not her only client, she always makes me feel as though my needs are her first priority.  For example, when I had questions concerning the custom painting colors of my kitchen table, Sara made the phone calls to the vendor.  When Sara didn’t have a timely response from the vendor, she called me to inform me that she was “still working on it.”  I didn’t have to call her, she called me.  In a separate situation, Sara was on vacation in Maine when she saw some sheets at the Polo Factory Store which I had spoken about previously for our guest bedroom.  She immediately used her cell phone to call me at home on the weekend and asked me if she should buy them for me. Sara continuously is looking out for her clients’ best interests and follows through with whatever she promises.
      Sara’s most important quality is her honesty.  While we were looking at fabrics for our guest bedroom, I chose some fabrics which we later discovered were very expensive.  When we priced out the cost of the duvet, Sara suggested that we might not want to spend so much money on our guest room.  Instead, we should reserve the money for the more important rooms in our house where we spend the majority of our time, the master bedroom, the family room and the kitchen.   It is that type of honesty that has positioned Sara as a trusted advisor.  Sara has turned our house into something worthy of a prestigious house magazine spread, but still reflective of our personal tastes and desires.  In that respect our house has become a much loved home.  One of our friends was so impressed with our decorating that she hired Sara to begin working on her new home and asked if she could make it “just like Maureen’s house.”
I am happy to recommend her services to others."

Maureen Collins
New Canaan, CT
      "One of my favorite things about working with Sara and Jeffrey is that they spend the time getting to know you and how you 'live' in your space and how you want to 'use' your space. The choices they provide are always a reflection of our personalities and how we live, not what they would choose and how they live. Several times they have said to me that when they are out and about, they see something that reminds them of us - I think it is so awesome that they take so much care in considering us, their client. Actually, I think that is the most important quality of a great designer!
      When we met Sara and Jeffrey, the interior of our house was and had been for 10 years, contractors white! The first project my husband and I did with Sara and Jeffrey was our living room. The first chore, choosing a paint color -this choice to me seemed daunting. Color?... I had no idea where to start! They gave us several choices but I could not make up my mind, actually I couldn't make up my mind for months! Initially they had given us their opinion of their favorite color but I could not decide... It seemed as though I went over the color choice options they had given us on my own and with my husband and with them, a 100 times and I just could not decide. After about 6 months I finally decided, and low and behold it was the color that was their favorite to start with! They never pushed or became impatient with my indecision they just continued to give me options until I could eventually make my own decision.
      As a result of the expertise and 'gentle' guidance of Sara and Jeffrey on paint, draperies, fabrics, furniture, and artwork, my living room-which I refer to as "mom's sanctuary"- now looks like a photo from a magazine! It is absolutely beautiful, yet very, very livable and is a true reflection of me!
With their outstanding guidance and advice, I now have rosy peach paint and lime green grass cloth on the walls in my dining room, a blue bedroom with a lighter blue ceiling, and a turquoise and brown guest bathroom.
I now feel like a color warrior thanks to Sara and Jeffrey!"

Dave and Dawn Lee
Woodbury, CT
      "I met Sara Hopkins when I hired her to help me with some design changes to my home.   My home was about four years old and we were working on completing the interior design of each room.  I was overwhelmed with the process and needed an interior designer to pull it all together.  Sara showed me a beautiful portfolio and it seemed like she would be a delight to work with. Since then, Sara has designed several rooms in my home and I love everything she has done!   She has the ability to do a complete room design or incorporate existing items of the room into a new and updated design.  She is cheerful, organized and extremely dependable which makes her a pleasure to work with.  I plan to continue working with Sara well into the future!"

Ann Small
Fairfield, CT
      "I found Sara Hopkins Interiors on the ASID website. Though most of her design work is within the Fairfield County and surrounding areas she had no problem coming out to my home in Cheshire. My goal for Sara was to transform a house into a warm and comfortable home.  She chose unbelievable fabrics to be used for draperies and furniture, English wallpaper, lighting fixtures, exquisite but reasonably priced area rugs for diningroom and livingroom and suggested some small but dramatic structural changes. Jeffrey is a true artist and was able to create a warm environment using his expertise with color.  Sara is a true professional, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with.  Her pricing is reasonable and fair and she is prompt in returning e-mails and attending appointments. Her design work exceeded my expectations and for that I am extremely grateful."

Sandy Marenholz
Cheshire, CT
      "I happened upon a magazine layout which immediately caught my eye.  It was the most beautifully decorated home I had ever seen.  I was hopeful that the decorator would be listed and was excited to find Sara Hopkins Interiors, AND with a local address.  I feared upon calling I would be considered ‘under qualified’ to work with them.   My fears were quickly assuaged as Sara and her partner Jeffrey made me feel comfortable and cared for, as if I was the owner of my own showcase home!  Sara and Jeffrey are extremely professional with an eye for color, detail and balance.  Each individually having good taste, together they complement each other on many levels.   They generously spent hours patiently choosing the right fabrics, furniture and paints.  As a result, my home is ‘perfect’ for me and my family.  I love the colors, the richness of textures and the ambiance that Sara and Jeffrey (did I say patiently) created.
      I want to add that beyond being the creative and talented decorator’s that they are, they are truly the nicest people I have met in a long time. Since my relationship began with Sara Hopkins Interiors she has taken on even a greater role in the business of decorating as she is now the President of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. I can’t wait until we can start another project! 
Thank you Sara and Jeffrey!!  With gratitude and love."

Andrea Pritchard
Redding, CT

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