"An interior is the natural projection of the soul."

Coco Chanel


This Page is for Interior Design Professionals Only.

As Part of Sara Hopkins Interiors, we offer services designed specifically for Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and other professionals in interior design industry.

Sara Hopkins Interiors offers Product Research and Purchasing Services for Interior Designers and Professionals alike.

After many years of developing Design Showrooms, I have created a large number of connections to manufacturers, their reps and other direct purchasing resources, that providing access to wholesale pricing structure for a nominal service fee.
Two main services that SHI provides are:

Product Recommendation and Research
With close familiarity of products in Design Industry, SHI can recommend a correct product for your client based on the requirements that are provided. All you have to do is to tell me what you are looking for and I will get back to you with options, availability and pricing if desired. This service is free of charge if order is placed through SHI. Many Designers save a lot of time in their busy schedule by transferring bulk of their legwork or by receiving instant recommendations on products or information about the products.

Purchasing Services
For many years SHI helped designers to get access to manufacturing lines that are generally unavailable to all Interior Designers, requires large opening orders, ongoing annual minimums or restricted to specific geographic areas, retail or showroom operations.

We take grate care in protecting Trade professionals and assuring that only qualified person can get access to our network and pricing.
Credentials will be checked thoroughly.

If you, as a Trade Professional are interested in our services, please contact SHI, so we can go over the details and see how SHI can save you time and money and give you a broader access to manufacturing lines and their products.
The list of manufacturers and pricing structure will be provided only after credentials are established.

It’s fast, accurate and we do all the paperwork, phone calls, checking product availability, pricing, purchase orders, checking acknowledgements, statements, payment processing, status follow-up, updates, receiving, inspecting, returns, delivery arrangements and QuickBooks financial reports for you, should you require one.
You will save a lot of valuable time and have ability to concentrate more on your clients versus paperwork and problem solving.
But most of all, when you use our service, you get a valuable benefit of safety checks. They can be in a form of foreseeing potential or inevitable problems with selecting specific pieces or elements of case goods or upholstery, wear and tear, known issues, delivery methods or carriers.
Over 20 years doing this develops a personal list of dos and don’ts, goods and not so ones, we all have our unique database of particular knowledge developed through specific experiences. Two or three professional heads are certainly bring more to the table in foreseeing and predicting culprits in such a complex and detail oriented business.
We are available to you seven days a week.

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