"In a very real way, designers create the human environment; they make the things we use, the places we live and work, ... Simply put,
design matters."

William McDonough


Sara Hopkins at the Kinderwood Showhouse
How we work with our clients and how we start and continue on a new project:
We are committed to our current and future customers to make the designing experience as pleasant and as seamless as possible. We strive to bring into our relationship a friendly, relaxed and casual environment from the very beginning.
When a new client contacts us, we usually offer to set up a meeting at our customer’s home or the location of the prospective job.

Our first meeting is free of charge: This is an informal ‘meet and greet’ setting at which we will listen to you, understand your needs and scope of the project. There is no rush, trying to make you as comfortable as possible. We are here to help you. There are no strings or obligations. You decide if you want to work with us. It is absolutely paramount that you feel agreeable in continuing our relationship. ¬†After all, this can be a long journey and can become a lifelong interaction.
We are always delighted to receive an opportunity to work with our potential clients. Not every meeting has to have a continuation. Sometimes we may find at our initial meeting that we are not on the same page or a best match. We’ll be completely honest with you and still feel appreciative of you for giving it a try.
We are in a business of making people happier. This is the truest compensation for us, to have a long list of satisfied clients with memories of challenges and achievements. We beautify spaces, create practical solutions and enjoy every moment of the process. Please don’t hesitate to try us and assist us in helping you to find and create an interior environment that you’ll love or to solve your decorating dilemmas.

Moving Forward: Our fee structure is based on an hourly fee. If you decide to move forward with our services, a retainer is collected in advance to cover our initial time based on the size of the project. Each client has a different style of how they move through the entire process of designing, processing and decision making. Some need or want more time or options, some want quick decision-making and less options. Whatever the case is, we get paid for our expertise and time, and our clients get exactly what they want. We don’t rush the process when our client needs more time to think and discuss without making any purchases, since we charge for our time. If things need to get done at the fastest speed and primarily the work is about purchasing, we still get paid for our time and charge a percentage over our cost, final cost still ending up being much more competitive than any retail operation. Our pricing is aggressively competitive, since we have direct and wholesale access to manufacturers producing these goods, thus, our clients can expect to pay less than any retail operation’s pricing.
Jeffrey Petrossian at the ShowHouse in Ridgefield, CT
No integrity of speed or quality of work is compromised. After our first meeting is over and if a decision is made to move forward, we will request a retainer, the amount being contingent on the size and complexity of the project. This retainer is a deposit that is applied to future hours as they accrue or on products selected. If the retainer is not fully used for any reasons, the unused portion is fully refundable. Once the initial retainer is used and the project continues, we request another retainer, and on and on we go. There are no strings or obligations attached; you are in control of the pace and direction of the project.

Monthly reporting: We report to you monthly on the use of our time, providing a detailed statement of hours and money spent on a daily basis. The bulk of our time goes toward tasks such as consulting, measuring areas and existing furniture, drafting floor plans and elevations, researching and specifying products for you, locating or custom-building products, presentations of potential products, analyzing your needs and finding solutions, meetings, phone calls to companies, price and availability checks, sample acquisitions, order placement, follow-ups, receiving and delivery and other services needed to design your home with 100% satisfaction to you. Of course, we only work on the things that you ask us to. No surprises. We don’t charge for every minute of the above-mentioned tasks. We believe that not every minute is billable. If a client calls us to ask a quick question or to get an opinion from us, this is typically not time we would bill for. The same goes for meetings - if we spend some time talking about non-business related things, we don’t think that such normal, social interactions should end up on a bill. We charge for our time only when actively involved in work. Surprises should not be part of this process.
We encourage our clients to let us know of any concerns or preferences that they might have. We try to be as flexible as possible and work around your needs and schedule. For this reason, we are also available to our clients seven days a week. We know how busy life can be for our clients and often weekends are the only days they have time for meetings or interaction. This is how we generally do business, but nothing is written in stone. If you have certain preferences or requirements, we will try our best to adjust to them.

Who ‘we’ are: Also, if you were wondering who the “we” is in my company, I work with an extremely talented, Jeffrey Petrossian, who has partnered with me for many years. His technical expertise and color sensibility is invaluable. Having been trained as an artist and a graphic designer, his input with color has become indispensable to me and our clients. Jeffrey’s knowledge and experience in technical aspects of the business, such as repairs, finishing and refinishing, custom designs, installations and problem solving allow us to offer a hands-on service that would otherwise be outsourced to a respective trade. Jeffrey works with me side-by-side almost exclusively, and as a team, we attend most client meetings together. We find two heads are better than one in this instance, and two opinions result in one solid one. We don’t charge extra for being a team of two. We find that the combination of both a man and a woman on a team offer a dynamic that many clients feel comfortable with since clients often gravitate to one or the other for different reasons. Our small but effective team is able and ready to tackle most interior and also exterior design projects, regardless how small or large they may be.

To sum up our story on how we work:
We set up an initial meeting at your place or location of your choosing for an informal meet and greet. It’s Free of charge.

If compatible and agreed upon to continue, we collect a retainer to be applied towards future hours or products based on the size and scope of the project. Any unused portion is fully refundable.

You will have two people working on your project, including myself.

We keep a tally of time and money used to be given to you through monthly reports or provided to you, as requested.

We work around your schedule and are available to you 7 days a week.